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How to Fight the Social Network Trap

All social sites want more and more users and to increase how often the app or website is used, but this means they have taken measures that don’t make it easy for content to be seen from a business.   [Read More]

15 Aug 2018

Review of 123 Reg’s Website Report

If you have ever bought anything from the domain provider 123 Reg, you may well receive a call from them offering a review of your website.  [Read More]

08 Aug 2018

6 Most Common SEO Myths

Some of the things you've heard on how to increase your position in Google may not be true. Here are 6 of the most common misconceptions.  [Read More]

16 Jul 2018

Tim Ferriss Quote

Tim Ferriss is a best selling author and technology investor.   [Read More]

30 Jun 2018

7 Tips for Finding the Perfect Domain Name

Have you needed to find a domain for a website before? Maybe you’re looking now? With seemingly every web address taken already, how do you find a new one?  [Read More]

18 Jun 2018

Tony Robbins Quote

An inspirational quote from an American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach.  [Read More]

09 Apr 2018

Audi RS5 Video

Here you can see a video that I created for a client called Imola of Bristol.  [Read More]

06 Apr 2018

Do You Know the Quality Score of Your Pages? Google is Denying it Even Exists.

Just like the Quality Score in AdWords for your ads on Google, there seems to be an equivalent for website pages.  [Read More]

19 Mar 2018

How can I dropship from platforms other than Shopify?

Personally I’d stick with Shopify as you can automate the process with Oberlo which frees you up to do other things like marketing and advertising.  [Read More]

14 Mar 2018

Is Dropshipping Worth it?

It does seem to be, yes. You can easily find countless examples of people making hundreds and thousands per month and even more in some cases.  [Read More]

06 Mar 2018