About Me

How I started, what makes me tick and what I stand for

My Values

Whether you're already in business or just starting, you need to make sure that your marketing and advertising are working well for you and accurately tell your story. However, this isn't easy at all if you have no experience.

There's no reason why you should miss out on great marketing and advertising though. I work with businesses of all sizes to ensure their message is clearly conveyed to their audience, and that they are utilising as many techniques as they can afford.

For those on a very tight budget, they can still use my knowledge for free using the DIY Marketing videos where they will find the whole marketing and advertising process.

How it All Started

I was always interested in design at school, and once I started college I signed up for a course called Multimedia Design. This allowed me to gain skills in websites, graphic design, photography and film.

As soon as I created my first website I knew that digital marketing would be the career for me. I fell in love with how it felt to create something that everyone in the world can see.

Since I finished higher education in 2005 I’ve been employed by some global publishing, marketing, and advertising agencies, working on some great projects for clients such as Nikon, UPS, and Suzuki.

Now that I’m freelancing, no day is ever the same, which allows me to broaden my skills within marketing and advertising. This is great for me as I'm very passionate about everything to do with promoting a business online.

The Name

In 2010, I came up with the creative-express.co.uk domain because I wanted to help business owners create a website themselves through an online setup process built into my website. They could choose a domain, design, and add all kinds of content to their new website without any mention of Creative Express.

This service no longer exists, so I contemplated letting go of Creative Express and deciding on a new name for my website, but I realised that I still wanted to help those of the DIY persuasion, and through the DIY Marketing section of my site I can still use the Creative Express name. 'Creative' because they can produce lots of design elements themselves through the help of my videos, and 'Express' because it's pretty quick with the step-by-step instructions.

Charity Work

Alongside digital marketing and advertising, animal welfare is also something that I am passionate about. So, you will often see me volunteering at Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary or Bristol Animal Rescue Centre by filming the animals and staff for their website and social media. I have even created my own social media profiles on Facebook and YouTube to help promote the animals even further. I even created a Facebook Page specifically for these videos to try and rehome the animals faster. You can see a couple of these videos below.


Next Steps

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