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About Google Updates

Google makes numerous changes to the way it organises (ranks) websites for every search. Most changes are small, but there are a few each year — known as Core Updates — that everyone should be paying attention to as it can drastically change your position and which page you appear on. They make broad, wide updates and cover a lot of overall quality issues. Studies find that most people don’t search past the second page, and it takes a lot of work to reach those first two results pages.

Below is a list of recent updates and how your website should adapt.


May 2021

Action needed: Make sure your website loads lightning fast and easy to use (especially on mobile)
Ranking factors: Overall load time, how quickly you can interact with elements, how visually stable the content is while loading


February 2021

Type: Passage Ranking
Action needed: None. Google have just changed the way they understand what you've written.
Ranking factors: N/A


  • N/A


  • N/A


December 2020

Type: Core Update
Action needed: Concentrate on quality content and answering specific questions that searchers have been looking for
Ranking factors: EAT and search intent


  • Quality targeted content
  • Finance, food, relocation, movies & streaming


  • Dictionaries & encyclopedias, the arts, medicine
  • Sites that don't know their audience nor create quality content

May 2020

Type: Core Update
Action needed: Nothing new — Adjusted from January's update
Ranking factors: Quality content, brand strength, User Signals (CTR , bounce rate, dwell time)


  • Strong, quality link profiles
  • Smaller websites with quality content


  • Possibly large websites
  • Category and tag pages that don’t cater for 'searcher intent’, as they have no clear focus

January 2020

Type: Core Update
Action needed: Concentrate on great content
Ranking factors: Well crafted, unique(ish) content and a great brand


  • Mainly large websites
  • Trustworthy sites
  • Those with great content


  • A mix of all size websites
  • Largely not destination sites
  • Without great content plans