Google Volatility Tracker

Check here to see if Google has made any huge changes that could affect your position

What is volatility on Google?

Google makes quite a few updates throughout the year to the way it ranks websites. Most are minor changes (blue and green), but some are ‘Core Updates’ (orange and red) which usually affect everyone in one way or another.

If you think your website’s position on Google has suddenly changed, check here to see if there has been any high volatility recently. Blue and green are fine, but orange and red will usually mean wide-spread disruption where your site could have increased or decreased for certain keywords.

As you can see from the graphs above there’s less movement in the UK than the US, but they generally flow in the same way.

Not in the UK or US? Find your country at the top of the SEMrush Sensor (under the title).

10/10 would be considered extremely erratic behaviour and because I’ve never personally seen it that high, I’d assume something was very wrong at Google.