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Beat your competitors on Google with a tailored report on how to be #1

Google SEO Report


Have you found your competitors above you on Google for important searches? So will lots of other people who will end up visiting their website instead of yours. This bespoke report is centred around the key areas where they are outperforming you, and more importantly, how to fix it to be positioned above them.

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What's Included?

In the report, you’ll find out what your competitors are doing that you’re not from the below categories, and detailed instructions on how to beat them at their game and steal their visitors.

Google SEO Report - Keywords


These are the words and phrases used to search for websites. They're not created equal though — some are used far more than others, and it's not easy to know which ones to target. I’ll tell you which keywords you should be targeting and how to do it. The chances are, your competitors won’t be aware of them which will give you an instant advantage.

Google SEO Report - Keywords


When the right keywords have been found it’s time to take a look at where they should appear on your website. Certain pages will need certain keywords and a just the right number of them so that Google doesn’t think it looks disingenuous. It’s important to also find the right topics to talk about on a blog for the more special keywords that are popular but not competitive.

Google SEO Report - Keywords


These are links to your site from anywhere on the internet. Google prefers websites that have accumulated lots of links from other websites and social media as they all act as a vote of confidence from someone else. Competitors will have links from sites that don’t point to yours, so it’s important to find out what they are as it may be possible to gain links from the same sites.

Google SEO Report - Keywords

Local SEO

When you search for your own business name, you’ll might see a side panel with more information such as a map and reviews (if not, search for a well-known competitor). Optimising this area will see you appear more prominently on Google Maps and help to pass visitors through to your website.

Google SEO Report - Keywords

Other Google features

There are many features other than just a listing of your website; there are other ways to show up on the first page. Frequently asked questions, featured snippets from a specific page on your site, videos, and more. Sometimes, these will be more important because they’re more obvious to searchers and therefore more likely to get a click.



A one-off payment for a document that will make much more in return with all of the extra website visitors.

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