Why Google Reps Are Ruining Your Ad Campaigns

17th March 2021

Do you pay for ads on Google? You need to hear this!

A client of mine in data management contacted me because her colleague had been called by a Google Representative who told them a lie, so they wanted to check with me to see what was going on.

That’s bad, but what’s worse is that a different client had also been called and ended up sitting there talking and making changes for half an hour in their ad account that I then needed to fix.

A few months before that, I made the mistake of taking one of their calls just in case they mentioned something that I’d missed. The Google AdWords Rep ended up asking me to turn on various automation settings so that I had less control over the ads (that’s not how they phrased it though), and that I should add all 90 keywords in a recommendations list without checking them. They didn’t say that shouldn’t check them, the Google AdWords Rep just rushed me through the process so that I couldn’t read through them.

I didn’t add those keywords though — I had a look through them after the call as it sounded like terrible advice. Some of these keywords were the opposite of where I wanted to actually show the ads.

Reliable, they are not.

So what’s the deal? Why is Google giving such bad advice?

Who are these Google Reps?

The most important thing to remember here is that they are not Google, they’re external agencies hired by Google. They’ve even given these agencies a google.com email address to look more authentic. That’s how far they’re taking it to fool you.

These agencies are usually based in India and their phone numbers have a local redirection, so it seems like they’re calling from the same country as you.

The internet is littered with complaints about these people. Tap the image to see a larger version.

What do they want?

Your money.

They will never admit this, and in fact, they will say the opposite. They will state that they’re helping you to optimise your ad account.

The problem is, this ‘optimisation’ is an arbitrary percentage score that is made up of both good and bad advice. So, at 100% optimised, you’re actually spending more for fewer results.

Screenshot of the Recommendations tab and optimisation score

How is that even possible?

Well, this goes back to Google wanting your money. Whether you’re aware of it or not, they will persuade you to turn on more and more automations which let Google do the work for you. In doing so, Google will spend your money how they like instead of on the actual keywords and ads you would prefer to spend it on.

Also, the Recommendations tab in your ad account will always tell you to increase your budget. Surprise, surprise.

Google is too big to care

Google doesn’t care about you — it’s just too big to care about the little person, they want to make as much profit as possible.

This isn’t the only immoral thing they’ve done. Not long ago, they started hiding a lot of the keywords that were used to trigger your ads. Before they did this, you could see every keyword that someone typed in where your ad was shown. Now, they hide a percentage of those, and without them, you can’t see where all of your money is being spent.


So, trust the spammy callers at your peril.

If you care about a return on your investment then avoid their calls and do your homework, or hire someone who already has.

You can hire me by taking a look at my Google Ads service and using my contact form to let me know that you’re interested, or visit my DIY videos if you would prefer to do this yourself.

Even if you hire someone else I’ll still be happy because Google should not be trusted.

Have you been contacted by a Google Rep or know someone who has? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your experience.


How do I stop Google AdWords from calling me

The only thing you can do is ask them not to call. They are very persistent and will usually contact you anyway whether you want them to or not, but you won’t have to tell them many times before they give up. Be warned though, they will lie just to get your attention, so don’t fall for it.

How do I opt out of calls from Google Reps?

You can’t. Once, you’ve signed up, they could call you at any point. If you’re not spending much, they’re less likely to contact you.

What should I do when a Google Rep calls?

Ignore their lies and ask them not to call again. They may still contact you and give a different name, but if you’re firm and don’t give them a chance to try and convince you, they’ll realise they’re wasting their time.

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